II. Objectives

A. Provide guidance and advice on such items as curriculum, career development, research, recruiting, and professionalism.

B. Assist the CE Department in the development and accomplishment of departmental goals and objectives as submitted, by the CE Department Head, to the President of the University.

C. Assist the CE Department in acquiring funds for departmental maintenance, development, and expansion.

D. Utilize Task Groups to concentrate efforts in specialized areas such as Faculty, Financial, and Student Affairs.

E. Maintain a list of items to be considered and pursued by the Academy Board of Directors (Board). The list should be prepared and updated annually by the CE Department Head in conjunction with the Department faculty. It could be used to reflect progress as viewed by the Department.

F. Maintain a current log (of both long and short-range goals and objectives) which clearly states current status, responsibilities, and implementation strategies. The log should be maintained by the Board Secretary and updated, as needed, during each Board meeting.