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AAI was approached by Peter T Martin from New Mexico State University about procuring a driving simulator similar to the one which AAI operates for the FHWA located at the Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, VA.   He became interested in our simulator after seeing a demo of the Highway Driving Simulator given during a conference hosted for the FHWA University Technology Centers.  Additional conversations on traffic modeling and our work on integrating the VISSIM micro-simulation software were discussed.  Peter continued to show an interest after meeting with AAI and asked us to put together a proposal for integrating a smaller system than the HDS system which would integrate the COTS HW & SW with AAI ARCHER to merge the VISSIM traffic modeling capability with real-time interactive driving simulation for human-in-the-loop reaction to traffic research.  What follows here is a description of the simulation hardware and software system proposal which will allow for the running interactive traffic scenarios using the ARCHER simulation software and hardware design with traffic modeling and control driven by the VISSIM software by PTV America.  AAI’s previous experience will be brought to bear in integrating ARCHER simulation with the VISSIM traffic modeling.  AAI will also help train NMSU staff on using the system and how to create simulation scenarios.

Supply, install, and train NMSU faculty, staff, and graduate students system as detailed in proposal to be supplied. $200,000

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